About the designer

Passionate about fashion since childhood, Sabine has always felt the need to create. As a fashion consumer living in West Africa, she is challenged by the unsatisfactory supply of contemporary jewelry inspired by Africa even though jewelry is a remarkable way for women to assert their identity, uniqueness and originality.

Women are both strength and sensitivity, courage and femininity and it is this complexity that they need to express, to show, to wear even in details like jewelry.

This is how the Bee’s brand was born.

Ivorian with Burkinabè origins, Sabine was born in Ivory Coast where she has lived all her life.

Independent, assertive, determined, dreamy, she created Bee’s with the ambition to share her universe, a cocktail of African influences mixed with various inspirations from here and elsewhere, from yesterday and today.

Bee’s jewels and accessories are bold and imposing, they are a well balanced mix of tradition and modernity, majesty and freedom.

Brand identity

Bee’s creations are contemporary.

Each collection is a large canvas where the colors and textures of the different textiles and materials meet harmoniously and give rise to an infinity of possibilities.

The fluidity and malleability of ropes and chains confront the resistance of metals and gems or semi-precious stones.

The abundance of prints and colors of the loincloths – colorful heritage of African cultures – contrasts skillfully with all the other materials, more refined.

If geometry is omnipresent, the asymmetry, poetic imperfection imposes itself as a signature.


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