YENNENGA is one of the most famous women in Burkina Faso. Her legend is the most told to this day, since she is at the origin of the creation of the Mossi kingdom.

Endowed with an indisputable grace and elegance, the intrepid princess YENNENGA, favorite daughter of her father the king NEDEGA, distinguishes herself from the young women and princesses of the time by her exceptional abilities as an amazon, resulting in her father’s refusal to let her marry.

Refusing to make a choice between her passion for hair and fighting, and her deep desire to give life and devote herself to a family life, she decides to run away to meet her true destiny.

Inspired by the Burkinabe legend, NENGA highlights the duality of this iconic woman’s personality, which is both graceful and bold, delicate and fearless. It is a celebration of feminism, an integral part of womanhood.

Models: Mondésir Danho & Reine-Aya Kouassi
Photographer : Meley SIE

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